Introducing our 2018 RFCAC Artist Grant Recipients

The Randall Frank Contemporary Art Collection started in 2015 by acquiring contemporary works from East Coast and Midwest artists and contributing to community art events via sponsorship. Most recently, it started the Randall Frank Contemporary Art Collection Artist Grant Program to continue to support artists from these regions.

We see a lot of value in supporting artists financially so that they can fulfill their career goals. We are happy to provide this resource.  We are hoping to continue to provide more funding opportunities later this year. – Randall Baren and Frank Juarez.

The Randall Frank Contemporary Art Collection (RFCAC) is excited to officially launch its artist grant program with this year’s inaugural recipients.

The Randall Frank Contemporary Art Collection is happy to announce Dontrell Corey Fells and Anna Fine Foer as its first artist grant recipients. We look forward to seeing their vision become reality. 

Dontrell Corey Fells

Photo courtesy of the artist

Corey Fells is a photographer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, most recognized for his projects in which he focused progression of millennial women and detailing their separate stories of conquest. His first-coming solo show, Pookie, opens at the Museum of Wisconsin Art.

“Pookie: Photography” exhibition will feature an accumulation of five connecting photo series: 100 Womxn, Violet, Beauty, 36 Timez, and Wives. Each respective series is meant to portray a cyclical narrative that touches on the generation of black millennial women reliving past generational trials and tribulations and conquering them, which then are woven through seasonal changes, recreation of famous art pieces, and using the inspiration from Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes were Watching God” and Alice Childress’ “Wine in the Wildress” to express the contemporary styling of the photographs, all being tied together through the story of Corey’s relationship with his late mother, Pookie. The multiculturalism present within this exhibition shines light on the beauty of the millennial age – a world that his mother embodied sometime ago.

Dontrell Corey Fells, “100 Womxn”, Photography, 4.4 feet X 8 feet, 2017

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Anna Fine Foer

Fine Foer decided she was going to be an artist when she was 11, when she lived in Paris for a summer visiting every museum and gallery. While a fibers/crafts major at Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) she became fascinated by the relationship between maps and the land they represent, embarking on a lifelong interest in maps and collage.

After emigrating to Israel, Anna worked as a textile conservator in Haifa and Tel-Aviv. She studied at the Textile Conservation Centre, Courtauld Institute in London, where she received a Post-Graduate Diploma in Textile Conservation. Back in the U.S., Anna worked in conservation for the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. and for many museum clients as a freelance textile conservator. At the same time, she continued to construct map collage landscapes with sacred, political and meta-physical significance, depicting three or more dimensions on a two-dimensional plane.

Anna now lives in Annapolis and has two young adult sons. Her work has been exhibited at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Maryland Governor’s Mansion, and the Israeli Embassy and is in the permanent collection of the Haifa Museum of Art and the Beer-Sheva Biblical Museum. She was awarded a prize for the Encouragement of Young Artists for work exhibited in the Artist’s House in Jerusalem and received a Maryland State Arts Council grant for Individual Artists in 2008 and in 2016.

Anna Fine Foer, Garden of Quantum Delights, collage, 25 x 24 inches , 2017

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